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Microblading is the newest semi-permanent solution to achieving your dream brows.
The service entails creating hair-like strokes by manually making fine cuts on the surface of your 
skin and depositing pigment. With proper care you can enjoy perfect brows for 12-18 months.

- The procedure will be done in 2 appointments, the initial appointment, then in 4-6 weeks a follow-up touch-up appointment.


- The initial appointment will be approximately 2 hours, the first hour will include the application of a topical anesthetic as well as a consultation to determine the shape and the color that will be used for your brows. The second part of the appointment will be the actual microblading procedure. The color will be intense the first week, but will eventually fade with time.

-The touchup appointment is usually only about an hour long. This appointment will allow the technician to make minor tweaks to perfect your brows.

- Please call the salon for Microblading Pre-Procedure Advice.

Microblading $500 (Includes Initial and Touch-Up Session)

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